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We are Cimetrix Solutions.

Cimetrix Solutions is celebrating 25years working with our valued customers. As Canada's authority on Additive Manufacturing; representing Stratasys, Artec technologies, as well as partnerships with the country's innovative groups, Cimetrix is well versed to service your requirements.  Our business model is based on partnering with clients to enhance business processes, facilitate the effective use of technology, and provide the ongoing education and product support that ensures your solutions work in the real world. Our team is made up of individuals with comprehensive experience in a wide number of verticals, including aerospace and medical - no matter your requirements, we can provide you with the expertise and experience to navigate the 3D printing world.

As a Gold Stratasys Partner for over 19 years, Cimetrix Solutions is your 3D Printing solution provider of choice. We are uniquely positioned to offer the most comprehensive range 3D solutions, for both commercial and academic verticals, across Canada. From be professional desktop 3D printers, to the advanced capabilities of Stratasys' Production Series and Artec's industry-leading 3D scanning technology, we provide a comprehensive range of additive manufaturing solutions capable of meeting even the most demanding applications.

We specialize in supporting applications with stringent requirements, including high-performance prototypes, tooling and manufacturing aids, as well end use parts and low-volime manufacturing. Our customers are supported with comprehensive solutions, consisting of industry-leading 3D printing and 3D scanning technologies, certified engineering-grade materials, specialized training programs, and Certified Stratasys services. Our Innovation Centre is well aligned to complement our customer’s capabilities, providing capabilities and manufacturing capacities that support in-house printing efforts, at preferred rates.

As a Gold Stratasys Parnter for commercial and education verticals, respectively, Cimetrix continues to be the go-to provider for organizations are looking to best leverage additive manufacturing to enhance their business. It’s a little cliché… but we really do care about the customer. We create value by improving our client’s business performance, creating long-term, win-win relationships, and focusing on execution excellence. We are Cimetrix Solutions and we’re just getting started.