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Cimetrix Professional Services Group : Transforming the Way You Design and Manufacture.

Cimetrix Solutions specializes in supporting high requirement manufacturing applications such as high performance prototypes, tooling and end use parts. We support our customers with comprehensive solutions consisting of 3D printing technology, software, design, and implementation training and Certified Stratasys services. In addition, our rapid prototyping services complement our customer’s capabilities in providing an affordable option to support our customer’s additive manufacturing systems capacities and specialized rapid prototyping needs. 

Our business model is based on partnering with our clients to enhance business processes, facilitate the effective use of technology and provide the ongoing education and product support that ensures your solutions work in the real world. Our specialized services help organizations develop a strategic business plan for adopting 3D printing and additive manufacturing throughout their design and manufacturing departments. We take responsibility for our recommendations and ensure the overall business objectives are met. 


Step 1 : Opportunity Assessment

Working alongside our clients, our professional services help organizations identify opportunities where 3D printing and additive manufacturing can be leveraged within their organizations. We identify and understand the key business drivers that support the adoption of additive manufacturing appropriate and beneficial from a business perspective. Once we have identified the opportunities,we

Examples of key drivers identified are:

  • Low Volume Production Opportunities
  • Increased Geometric Complexity
  • Product Personalization / Customization
  • Enhanced Product or System Performance
  • Manufacturing Aids, Tooling, Fixtures

Step 2 : Solution

Once we have identified the business drivers, we present a solution which may consist of technology, software, materials and implementation strategies. We ensure we align the right technology to support the business drivers and not adjust the goals to suit the technology. We test and validate our solutions through extensive benchmarking to ensure our recommendations work. We have access to the broadest selection of additive manufacturing solutions, from Stratasys, which allows us to do feasibility studies quickly and effectively.

The process consist of :

  • Technology Assessment
  • Materials Selection
  • Implementation & Process Strategy
  • Benchmark Design and Test

Step 3 : Implementation Strategy

We help our clients develop strong business case for the adoption of 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions.We develop and execute  a plan  to continually measure and report the progress ensuring the objective are met. We develop a reporting process that will keep all invested parties abreast of the progress ensuring milestones are met.

Our Implementation Strategies consist of :

  • On-Going Training / Mentoring
  • Application Development & Support
  • Capacity and Capability Monitoring
  • Exclusive customer support programs