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Canadian Academia Partnering with Local Industry: A Recipe for Innovation

Advancements in additive manufacturing technologies continue to create excitement in many industries throughout Canada, gaining popularity for a variety of applications and helping foster innovation within these fields. The increasing prevalence of 3D printing in Canadian industry has been accompanied by increasing utilization of these technologies within the realm of academia; these institutions understand the necessity of embracing 3D printing alongside industry to provide the most applicable experience possible for their students.

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3D Printing Sparks Engineering Design Ideas at Korean University

“3D printing overcomes technical barriers for students. What used to be strenuous to produce by traditional methods can now be done with the press of a button. The process is simpler than we expected but the impact has been remarkable as it inspires students and induces creative thinking.”

- Professor Young Choi, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chung-Ang University.

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Dimension Sparks Excitement Within School's Technology Program

Shortly after the Bishop Strachan School began its search for a 3D printer, Dimension became the obvious choice. "The opportunity for the girls to produce working models of their projects was imperative," Steadman said. "In the end, other systems lacked Dimension's dynamic capabilities. Its impeccably clean process and power to produce complex shapes made Dimension our obvious choice."

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Dimension Helps Bishop Reding Students Become Inventors

Innovation fueled by fun - that's what students can look forward to when they sign up for the Robotics Challenge, the Engineering Club or enroll in one of Bruce Mazer's Computer Engineering courses at Bishop Reding Secondary School in Milton, Ontario. "We've been able to fabricate many parts and accessories with the Dimension 3D Printer that would have previously been impossible. We do it right in the room and the turn-around time is minimal." said Mazer.

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Canadian Military College Engages its Future Engineers with 3D Printer

Royal Military College purchased a Dimension 3D printer three years ago when searching for a quality, economical 3D modeling alternative. The varied needs of the engineering department have since been met by the speed, accuracy and large build envelope of the Dimension 3D printer. Both the mechanical and aerospace programs have the capability to produce metallic prototypes using numerically-controlled machine tools. However, the time and cost associated with this procedure were far too excessive for the amount of models currently being produced. "With the entire experiment printed in ABS plastic, it takes only hours to replace a part, as opposed to days with the more costly alternatives," said Dr. Perez.

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University Solves Design Demand with Fortus

Collins had been familiar with 3D printing and Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology since its inception and finally turned to Fortus 3D Production Systems for a solution to his output issues. "We looked at every other manufacturer and system out there. In the end, it was a no-brainer," said Collins. "We understood that this was a one-time funding opportunity and we had to get it right. The Fortus system offers the right balance of part functionality, material choices, and operating cost that met our needs best. We couldn't be happier with our decision."

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STARBASE and Dimension Rocket Elementary Students' Design Skills to New Heights

"It's amazing the impact of having the Dimension 3D Printer in the classroom," said Johnson. "We knew the kids would love this exercise, but what's been most surprising is to see how excited the instructors and other faculty get when they see rocket parts come to life in the Dimension 3D printer." Johnson has noticed students' discovery of a connection between the results and their design once they see their design tested in flight. "It carries further in their education and their interest in engineering, which, statistics show, is increasingly important to the future of education."

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Equipping Students with Design Engineering Tools to Be Competative

"Because we're using advanced technology tools in our curriculum, such as the Dimension 3D printer, students coming out of the program are getting significantly more respect by colleges because they can really speak engineering, I could talk to a student all day long about the importance of engineering design principles, but until they actually attempt to produce something on their own and encounter challenges and make mistakes, they won't really be learning,"The printer has really changed the whole learning dynamic for my students."
- Tim Jump, Head of the Advanced Competitive Science (ACS) Program, Benilde-St. Margaret's

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