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Tough Enough for Armoured Tanks

Functional models built with ABS plastic from the Dimension 3D Printer proved so tough that EOIR manufactured the final mounts on the 3D printer itself. This not only saved time, it dramatically reduced part cost. Manufacturing costs for these components would have exceeded $100,000. 'The Dimension machine paid for itself in just two months, creating parts." 

- John Moulton

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FDM Tool Helps Foundry Produce Quality Investment Casting in Only 1 Week

"Using Stratasys equipment and technology, we were able to build patterns in less than a day. The patterns were then expedited through our process and in seven days we produced perfectly matching gear set castings that met drawing requirements and specifications and were functional as part of the assembly" 

- Rick Meachum, Vice President of Sales, RLM Industries.

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FDM Direct Digital manufacturing Savea $800,000 and Three Years Development Time Over Four-Year Period

Before settling on FDM, the TDF considered "a multitude" of the other additive processes, says Weatherly. "With FDM, the investment is up front, not ongoing," he says. "The parts are durable, and they have the high level of detail we require. In addition, the process is environmentally safe and 100% 'green' with zero waste. FDM has saved the government over $3.8 million to date with an expected 10-to-15-year savings of over $15 million.' 
- Mitchell Weatherly, Sheppard AFB, Chief, Trainer Development Flight

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Right On Target: Tiberius Arms Perfects Design With uPrint

The purchase of the uPrint 3D Printer allowed the team to see prototypes from conceptual design to a physical model in a durable ABS plastic before committing to the high cost of producing the product in metal. The result? Better looking, better working parts and improved product appeal. "We're able to cut the design time and problem resolution time in half, while at the same time doubling quality."
- Dennis Tiberius, Tiberius Arms

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