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Airtight Performance: Stratasys Technologies Elevate Thermos' Product Development

To use a Thermos product is to touch it. Because Thermos customers handle their products extensively — with their hands and their mouths — impressive look, feel and ergonomics are vital. Innovating these products requires numerous physical design iterations, and Matsuyama’s team must be able to create prototypes quickly and easily. That’s why Thermos K.K.’s state-of-the-art research and development facility In Niigata, Japan, includes two Stratasys 3D Printing technologies.

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Pioneer Develops AR-Enabled Car Navigation System with Stratasys 3D Printers

Pioneer purchased its first 3D printer, an Objet Eden250VTM for printing prototypes in- house. The new 3D printer ushered in a new approach for Pioneer’s design and production process. Instead of prototyping their individual designs separately, engineers across business units now consolidate and validate their designs using virtual simulation before 3D printing their prototypes. This new workflow ensures that all mechanical, electrical and software parts are optimally designed and positioned well.

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Iris Ohyama Combines Stratasys Technologies to Transform Product Development

3D printing has provided several benefits to IRIS Ohyama, including time savings: “We can now make multiple prototypes in a day, whereas outsourcing a prototype had taken days. Also, because it can be done on our own, we can control priorities: If a model needs to be available today, it will be ready.” The on-site 3D printer speeds up error correction as well: “When you see and feel a real model, you can intuitively tell what needs improvement, whether it may be mechanical functions or fitting of an assembly. You can identify tiny design flaws on a real model that could be missed on a PC display.”

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Custom Manufacturing Earphones with Stratasys 3D Printing

Kaufman celebrates the role 3D printing plays in bringing Normal to life. The technology enables the company to deliver premium, custom earphones in a way — and at a price — that traditional manufacturing methods have not been able to achieve before.

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Dimension 3d Printer Powers Freedom of Design

The company chose the Dimension 3D Printer from Stratasys which prints tough, durable, high-quality ABS models. Having the machine in-house has completely changed product development cycles by making the process shorter and more efficient.The design team at Black & Decker uses the 3D printer for evaluating and improving the form, fit and function of its models and to explore different design iterations such as for battery packs or housing casements.

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Toro sees savings of $500K and a 283 week reduction in product development time.

Over two years, for various projects, including this sprinkler, Fortus systems allowed Toro to reduce product development time by 283 weeks, and it saved $500,000 on tooling and service bureau costs.

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Tape Wrangler - Dimension 3D Printer Fuels Product Design Firm's Exponential Growth

Tape Wrangler is a woman-owned product development and manufacturing company that attributes rapid revenue growth in large part to product design made nimble by a move to in-house 3D printing.

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Logitech creates optimal design with help of Fortus functional prototypes, and improves part strength 273%.

Using Fortus to perform functional tests helped Logitech find the optimal design for a Bluetooth headset. Logitech engineers say Fortus systems were critical to their success, and using formulas and CAD models alone, might never have led to the optimal design. The functional tests improved the microphone boom strength by 273%.

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With DDM, Oreck Manufacturing Company cost to produce the assembly pallets needed for each vacuum series is reduced by up to 65 percent.

Traditional fixture projects no longer suck up vast amounts of money at Oreck Manufacturing. With some fixture projects costing more than $100,000, the savings are real. Oreck's two Fortus systems in-house run 24/7 and are used for modeling, DDM, replacement parts and even marketing.

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Pedal Brain Gets Cycling Computer to Market Faster with FDM.

In the past, Pedal Brain sent their designs to contract manufacturing companies that built prototypes using stereolithography and several different molding methods. It typically took these companies about a week to make the prototype and the cost averaged $300. Pedal Brain reduced there prototype costs by 97% and the and their wait times by 99%. This gave them an opportunity to try out many more ideas and experiments with the results enabling steady improve the performance of thir brackets.

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Bell & Howell sees 50% reduction in design cycle with FDM

IThis optics-based product manufacturer reduced its design cycle from 18 to 9 months. In the process it improved aesthetics and fit, and it nabbed a multi-million-dollar contract for a high-end scanner remodel.

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