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Christie Digital: Hybrid Perfection for Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is vital to Christie’s approach. Sourced from Cimetrix, the team at Christie has successfully integrated both FDM and Polyjet technologies into their workflow. The technology lets engineers complete numerous design iterations quickly, with the speed gains being put towards improving products, rather than rushing to market with anything less than a perfect design.

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Kirby Morgan Leverages Stratasys Technologies Slash Development Times for Custom products

“In the past, we were unable to fill custom product requests in such a short time period. The modified regulator we developed for the U.S. Military displayed the major speed and efficiency improvements you can achieve with the introduction of an in-house Dimension 3D printer.”
- Pete Ryan, Senior Engineer, Kirby Morgan

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Fortus Technology Redifines Possibilities for M-Tek Inc

M-Tek originally purchased a Fortus 3D Production System from Stratasys to build conceptual models and functional prototypes of machine components and assemblies with FDM technology. But M-Tek’s engineers discovered that FDM is also terrific for creating parts with intricate design features that are not possible with conventional CNC milling methods.

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Haier Moulds: Advancing Productivity with Stratasys Technology

“3D printing is transforming our product development cycle. 3D printed parts are produced in just a few hours, and enables us to modify the design by creating concept models at minimal cost. The benefits were beyond our initial expectations.”

- Zhu Mingju, Haier Moulds Inc

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MSA-Auer Finds Protection Solutions with their Dimension 3D Printer

“Our ability to produce a number of different variants in a short period of time greatly increases the design reliability of our products. In addition, we save money in development by being able to produce our own models in-house. Over the course of two years, we produced 700 models with the Dimension 3D Printer - our machine runs at full capacity even over the weekend, since it works smoothly without supervision.”

– Detlef Kielow, Senior Engineer, MSA AUER

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61 Year Old Company Re-Ivents Itself with FDM

In addition to revolutionizing his injection molding business, Hlavin has found FDM to be invaluable on the manufacturing floor. "A lot of our work is in prototype development: short run, fast turn over. Stratasys FDM Technology can take a CAD file and build a part in hours. We want to provide our clients functional parts they can use for testing and validation," said Hlavin. "But what we've found after bringing in the machine is that there's a far greater purpose to FDM. And it's in our manufacturing process on our floor."

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Direct digital manufacturing of fixtures allows Thermal Dynamics to reduce costs by 83% and time by 42%

Using direct digital manufacturing, Thermal Dynamics produced fixtures that reduce waste from its production thermal-interface-material guns and make the guns more accessible. Direct digital manufacturing provides significant cost and time reductions.

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Aviradyne - Sandwich composite parts for wind energy systems produced at half the cost and one third the time at Aviradyne

Composite sandwich parts with compound curved geometries can be produced in only six days with FDM versus 18 days with conventional methods. Composites with cores made from Polycarbonate using FDM test much lighter than the industry standard.

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Designing Tools for the Super-Hero

Bullard brought the T3 model to market in record time using in-house rapid prototyping. With it, the company's design-cycle time dropped significantly. "More importantly," says CAD/CAE Administrator Bonnie Davis, "the lower cost of prototyping in--house enabled Bullard to build more models and lock in the right design early in the process." And the result is better products.

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3D Printing Robots with Stratasys Technology

3Detection Labs develops innovative and high-tech safety protection systems and robotics. Although the company is relatively young, its designers and application engineers have extraordinary product development experience resulting in projects that are executed at the highest technological level, in the shortest amount of time. Their highly qualified research and engineering staff are able to realize the complete cycle of a project starting from an idea to implementation of a finished product – thanks in part to their Dimension® 3D Printer.

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70 Percent of FDM Parts are used in Production

This marine equipment manufacturer found Fortus prototypes durable and attractive enough to be used as production parts. Their unusual looking designs typically required injection molding; however, 70 percent of parts produced today are now used for production

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Transatlantic Copying

Xerox Limited produces new-generation printers, copiers, multifunction devices and document centres. 350 engineers develop design solutions for manufacturing relating to the paper system such as paper trays, feeder parts, access handles for jam clearance areas, moulding with clip features, and draw fronts.

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