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A Model Production: 3D Printing Architectural Models Halves Time & Cost Over Traditional Methods

The first approach was to use stick construction. It would have taken about eight weeks and cost about $20,000 to use this method to build a smaller model. Champlin recommended instead using 3D printing to produce the majority of the model as a single piece. This approach made it possible to provide a high level of detail while eliminating the time and cost involved in producing and assembling most of the individual components.

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Dimension 3D Printer Used as Output Device fo Google Earth

In 2005, the city of Stockholm commissioned Mitekgruppen, a Swedish design firm, to construct a scaled model of Stockholm to be used for exhibit. The firm used aerial photos and drawings to create the city's buildings in a computer aided design (CAD) program.

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Cool School

For Luca Frattari, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Camerino’s Eduoardo Vittoria School of Architecture and Design, the old adage of “seeing is believing” describes only half of what he needs for his cutting edge design and architectural research. For him, the other half is “touching is understanding.”

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Building a Sky-High Case for 3D Printing

After building designs have been conceptualized and before ground is broken, real estate developers often transform their two-dimensional blueprints into three-dimensional scale models. For Toronto-based architectural modeling firm, Peter McCann Architectural Models Inc. (PMAMI), replicating some of the world’s tallest and most notable buildings on a one-hundredth scale prior to construction is all in a day’s work

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Modelzium: Building on a Solid Foundation

“The speed with which we can deliver highly accurate architectural models with the Objet 3D Printer has had a great impact on our business.”

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Dimension 3D Printing Helps Build Success at Paul Davis & Partners

“The printer has saved us a huge amount of time and has given us the opportunity to take on more projects. It recently made a project in the Far East possible for us. We were asked to come up with a design and produce a 1:500 model within the space of four weeks. It would have been impossible to meet the deadline without the Dimension printer as outsourcing to a model making company would take two weeks as a minimum. Using the Dimension printer is like having an extra member of staff.”

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Stratasys 3D Printing Shaves Months Off of Architectural-Model Building Time

Several years ago, Rietveld decided to explore 3D printing as a means to increase the quality and productivity of model production: “We saw that big changes were coming to the architectural industry and believed that firms that could do more with less and deliver superior models would be more competitive in the new environment”

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