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Create a powerful learning combination at your school. Stratasys 3D Printers empower you to bring innovative technology into the classroom which inspires students to reach new levels of thinking.

What Sets Us Apart

Cimetrix Solutions is a leading provider of professional grade Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) solutions serving academic and research institutions across Canada. We support all levels of education and the only Gold Level Stratasys Education Partner in Canada. From middle schools to Universities, from community spaces to research labs, our objective is to provide the correct technology accompanied with ongoing support, and applications training to ensure long-term successful implementation of 3D Printing. Our ongoing commitment to education includes participation many levels from intern placements to in-kind training, from team sponsorship's to curriculum development. 

Give Students Design Experience That's Truly Hands-On

Using 3D printing is an exciting alternative to virtual modelling because students can actually see, hold and interact with their projects. 3D printing solutions, provided by Cimetrix, have proven to accelerate proficiency, promote understanding and motivate students. Right now there are students across Canada dreaming up tomorrow's wonders though increased learning using the latest design software, advanced materials and cutting-edge equipment like 3D printers.

  • Create classrooms where facts and figures are not intimidating - where science and numbers are turned into ingenuity and inventiveness.
  • Imagine students connecting ideas, collaborating easier and demonstrating mastery faster.
  • Give your students hands-on experience using the same technology that's being used by major manufacturers like Magna, Honda, and Boeing today.

Prepare Students for Successful Design & Technology Careers

Stratasys 3D Printers are in schools in all provinces across Canada, serving more than 250,000 students. 3D printing is utilized across a wide variety of classrooms: Pre-engineering, engineering, drafting, architecture, CAD, archaeology, anthropology, biology and art. They are designed to engage elementary, high school and university students in STEM and design-related fields. The use of 3D printing in your classroom will help students become college- and career-ready.

  • Teach with leading technology
  • Test form, fit and function
  • Use real-world engineering materials

Easy To Learn, Use And Maintain

Cimetrix Solutions offers a powerful range of 3D printing capabilities, with PolyJet technology for multi-material 3D printing and impressively detailed surfaces, and FDM Technology for durable parts in production-grade thermoplastic. Our special education / research bundles provide affordable, clean, easy to use solutions using the same materials used by industry. Stratasys 3D Printers do not have the steep learning curves and complex programming requirements of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) modelling. You print right from a CAD file, with the click of a button.

Success Stories

Canadian Acedemia Partnering with Industry 

Learn how SAIT partners with SME's with the support by industry partner Cimetrix Solutions.

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Helping Students Become Inventors

Innovation fuelled by fun! Cimetrix Solutions supports Bishop Reding's technology program with Dimension 3D printer.

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Recommended 3D Printers for Academic Applications

uPrintSE Plus

​Larger build envelope, nine colour options

Objet30 Pro 

The most versatile 3D Printer

Fortus 450mc

Build Parts in 11 High-Performance Plastics

Objet500 Connex3

Large Multi-Material Prototyping