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When customized equipment is vital and deadlines are non-negotiable, 3D printing provides , defense manufacturers freedom to design a single production part, quickly create low-volume tooling, or build complex, precise prototypes affordably.

Cimetrix Solutions has been supporting Canada's defense industry for over 20 years. Specializing in supporting high requirement defence related applications we help organizations meet and or exceed their product performance requirement with additive manufacturing solutions. Based on advances in additive manufacturing systems, materials capability and Cimetrix’s applications expertise, additive manufacturing is proving to be a cost effective manufacturing solution. Countless savings in time and dollars, continuous improvement and creative application solutions have given rise to a new manufacturing paradigm for the defense and aerospace industry.

Cimetrix Solutions is extensively involved in several leading-edge defense systems programs with leading defence contractors. We have established ourselves as a proven  solution provider of advanced 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing technology, helping our clients rapid prototype and rapid manufacture direct from digital data. Additive manufacturing is an emerging technology that eliminates the time and expense of tooling for specialized and low volume parts. We further assit with our extensive service capabilities which include the production of advanced protoypes and the production of specialized tooling and end part production.

Our major customers in the defense sector continue to include Boeing, CAE, Curtis Wright, DRS, General Dynamics, United Technologies (Goodrich), Honeywell, L3, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon to name a few.

Success Stories

FDM  Manufacturing Saves $800,000 and Three Years Development Time 

Because most of their projects are either one-of-a-kind or very low volume, conventional methods become very expensive.

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FDM Helps Bell Helicopter Build Quality Prototypes

Bell Helicopter’s Xworx prototyping lab used FDM to build functional models of communication-wiring conduit for the Osprey.

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Recommended 3D Production Systems for Defence Applications

Fortus 380mc

Build Parts in 5 High-Performance Plastics

Fortus 450mc

Latest technology, 11 high performance material options.

Fortus 900mc

Full range of FDM plastics. Largest size.