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Jul 11

Ryerson Students Excel In This Year's Extreme Redesign Competition

Every year, the Extreme Redesign Challenge calls upon tomorrow’s engineers, artists and entrepreneurs to design a better future. It is a test to see who can come up with the most creative, mechanically sound, and realistically achievable design using 3D printing. Seven winners were selected and received scholarships for their efforts as well as features on the Stratasys website and blog. Today, we're sharing the results of Canadian students Matthew Wong & Lewis Carvalheiro.

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Jun 5

Ryserson Formula Racing Outpaces Competition at FSAE Michigan

Over the last few years, Cimetrix and Ryerson FSAE have partnered grow the teams use of additive manufacturing for far more than simple printed parts. Today, we'll be sharing post-season update from Ryerson FSAE, who experienced unprecedented success in their 2016-2017 season.

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Jul 5

Centennial College Spurs Innovation with Product Design and Development Program

Centennial College's recently introduced Product Design and Development program is the only of its kind in Canada, allowing students to learn every aspect of a product life cycle, from concept to design to prototyping and production. Read on for more!

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Jun 7

Cimetrix Sponsorship Propells Creation of Ontario's 1st Racing Submarine

For a number of years, Cimetrix Solutions has been involved in a wide variety of student-driven inititatives, partnering with some of the nation's most innovative groups and institutions to implement additive manufacturing solutions for a variety of applications. This year, the entire team of Applications Specialists at Cimetrix was thrilled to be a part of Ontario's first racing submarine, through a partnership formed with University of Waterloo's Submarine Racing Team.

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May 5

Cimetrix Partners Excel at Stratasys Extreme ReDesign Contest

Year after year, students from institutions that have partnered with Cimetrix place exceedingly well in the Extreme Redesign Contest. This year was no different, as students learning on technology acquired from Cimetrix have placed on the podium in a number of different categories

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Apr 12

QuiETS Races Ahead with End-Use FDM Intake Manifold

This winter, we had the opportunity to provide continued support for QuiETS, a team out of ETS competing in the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge. The team approached our team of Applications Specialists with an all-new air intake design, looking to 3D Printing to create an end-use part rather than manufacturing it with traditional methods.

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Jan 28

Stratasys Announces 3D Printing Education Modules for Middle Schools and High Schools

Category Academics
Stratasys Announces 3D Printing Education Modules for Middle Schools and High Schools. Taking another step to support teaching and project-based learning with the development of seven new education modules for middle and high schools. Each module will provide educators everything they need to take students through a full product development life cycle, from concept sketch to CAD design and finally 3D print.

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Dec 10

Cimetrix Helps Expand Health FabLab in Sheridan College CAMDT

Sheridan’s industry partner, Cimetrix Solutions, is providing an Industry Grant in support of the FabLab’s launch. The Cimetrix Industry Grant will provide the Health FabLab with the newest in professional-grade 3D printing technology - the Objet30 Prime.

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May 15

Canadian Students Honoured in Stratasys' Extreme Redesign Competition

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Feb 20

3D Printed Viable Medical Devices

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Jan 14

Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre Workshop - Digital Manufacturing

Category Academics

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Jan 7

Webinar: The Benefits of 3D Printing for Your Business

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Sep 4

Cimetrix Sponsorship Helps QSET Go Further

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Aug 29

Additive Manufacturing : Career Development for Engineers

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Aug 15

14 Foot Creature Roars to Life with 3D Printing

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Jul 31

Canadian Academia Partnering with Local Industry: a Recipe For Innovation

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Jul 28

McGill Robotics Overcomes Design Hurdles with 3D Printing

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