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May 5

Cimetrix Partners Excel at Stratasys Extreme ReDesign Contest

Last week, Stratasys announced the eight winners of the 2016 Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge. The 12th annual worldwide 3D design competition challenges students to improve upon an existing design, or develop a solution to a problem. The winning designs were determined by an elite group of judges and industry experts, including Tim Shinbara of the Association of Manufacturing Technology, Steve Deak of GE, Leslie Langnau of Design World magazine, and 3D printing expert Todd Grimm of T.A. Grimm and Associates. Designs were evaluated based on creativity, technical design and practicality of design concept.

Year after year, students from institutions that have partnered with Cimetrix place exceedingly well in the Extreme Redesign Contest. This year was no different, as students learning on technology acquired from Cimetrix have placed on the podium in a number of different categories. Notably, Ryerson University has yet again taken home top honours in the Post-Secondary Engineering Category. Cimetrix is happy to congratulate all of the participants of the Extreme Redesign Contest, and especially our partners for their involvement in such a forward-thinking initiative year-after-year.

Secondary Education Engineering

First place: Modular Hexagonal Extension; Li Cheng Yu; Etobicoke Collegiate Institute; Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Yu’s improved outlet extension is bringing an end to the headache of traveling with technology devices. The portable extension includes six outlets, arranged upside-down, to accommodate power adapters. When not being used, the functional design allows users to wrap the power cord around the device and store the plug within the body of modular outlet. Prior to entering the Extreme Redesign contest this year, Yu has been learning on a uPrint Se, provided by Cimetrix.

Post-Secondary Education Engineering

Once again, Canada has been well represented in this category, with Ryerson University placing 3 teams in the Top 10 finalists, and two teams taking home podium positions. Working with Ryerson University for a number of years, these students have access to numerous additive manufacturing technologies provided by Cimetrix, and integrated with consultaiton from our team of Applications Specialists; currently, Cimetrix has helped integrate the following technologies for student access: Objet260 Connex 3, 2 Dimenstion 1200ES SST's, 2 uPrint SE's, and 2 uPrint SE Plus'.

First place: HyperShot; Aris Peci and Remi Carreiro; Ryerson University; Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Peci and Carreiro’s HyperShot is the first universal camera lens system built for smartphone devices. It’s rotating and suction cup features allow the mechanism to be attached to any device, requiring less hardware and time to install. Additionally, the suction cup feature prevents scratching and other damage to the phone. Watch their video to learn more.

Second place: SketcHold; Alborz Razavitousi and Arman Ghafouri-Azar; Ryerson University; Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sketching on the go? SketcHold is the super-portable, light-weight sketching tool designed to provide support and comfort while sketching. Its unique design includes storage space for the necessary sketching tools, and it can be attached to a variety of sketchbook sizes and bags. Watch the video to learn more.

Stratasys will award first-place winners a $2,500 scholarship and second-place winners a $1,000 scholarship. The instructor of each first-place winner will receive a demo 3D printer to use in the classroom for a limited time. Most notably, these students will continue to gain invaluable experience working with, and designing for, additive manufacturing. Working with the technology in the classroom currently, these students were easily able to translate these ever-evolving skills to a real-world problem with little difficulty, highlighting the value of integrating additive manufacturing into curricula, regardless of subjet matter or instituton level.

For over 22 years, Cimetrix has been partnering with Canadaian Institutions to provide students with access to real-world, cutting-edge additive manufacturing technologies, offering unparalleled experience and insight to help find the perfect for every classroom. To learn more about how additive manufacturing is transforming education, please contact us!