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Nov 13

Fortus 450mc New 3D Production Systems

Category Applications
Since Cimetrix opened the doors, of its Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre, hundreds of companies have visited and learned about additive manufacturing and the applications supported. The Innovation Centre is home to a broad selection of 3D Printing technologies enabling us to showcase the capabilities from affordable desktop units right up to the advanced capabilities of the 3D Production Systems. We made a commitment, at the inception of the Innovation Centre, that it will be home to the latest and greatest in additive manufacturing. To that end we are excited to announce that we have installed the New Stratasys Fortus 450mc 3D Production System alongside our current FDM 3D Production Systems.


Fortus 450mc in production mode

We have been putting the Fortus 450mc through the paces for the last month and are pleased with the overall performance. The system, on average, is 20% faster than the Fortus 400mc.The head motion is fast and smooth producing high quality parts. We love the new interface. It has been dramatically enhanced enabling the user to be more efficient.



New User Interface for the Fortus 380mc and Fortus 450mc

Our experience thus far is a very positive one. Even with high expectations, we have not been disappointed. Overall, we are very impressed. Our system is configured with all the available material packages and will have the New Ultem1010 option in early 2015. (Our Fortus 900mc has the Ultem1010 option and we are capable of printing samples to support your evaluations of this new high performance thermoplastic.) Current options on our Fortus 450mc include:

  • ABS-M30 for great tensile, impact and flexural strength and environmental stability

  • ABS-M30i for bio-compatibility

  • ASA for UV stability and the best aesthetics

  • ABS ESD7 for static dissipation

  • ABSi for static dissipation

  • NYLON12 for maximum toughness

  • PC (Polycarbonate)for superior mechanical properties and heat resistance

  • PC ISO for bio-compatibility and superior strength

  • PC-ABS for the highest impact strength, plus the mechanical properties and heat resistance of PC and the surface appeal of ABS

  • PPSF for highest heat and chemical resistance

  • ULTEM 9085 for best mix of mechanical, chemical and thermal properties

  • ULTEM 1010 for best mix of mechanical, chemical and thermal properties


We are excited about our new addition and equally excited about our new Connex3 System that will be arriving November 17th. The New Objet500 Connex3 features the latest Triple Jetting Technology from Stratasys and is capable of printing Multi-Material, Multi-Coloured parts in single build. Stay tuned for our report on this amazingly capable system.

Our Innovation Centre is open from 8:30 to 5:30 Monday to Friday. Drop by anytime as everyday is an Open House. You can also book a private session by calling 1-800-298-6437. Looking forward to your visit.