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Aug 18

Joe Gibbs Racing Debuts Stratasys 3D Printing in NASCAR

Stratasys 3D Printing made its NASCAR Nationwide Series debut at the beginning of August, sponsoring the No. 11 Toyota Camry, driven by Elliott Sadler of the Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) team, at the U.S. Cellular 250.

Stratasys is the primary sponsor for Joe Gibbs Racing's No. 11 Toyota Camry, driven by Elliot Sadler in the NASCAR nationwide series.

JGR has incorporated Stratasys' FDM 3D printing technology into their race program for more than a decade, giving them advantages during prototyping and part production. The Fortus 400mc 3D Production System allows JGR to 3D print parts for fit, functional testing, and for end-use parts for their cars, according to Mark Bringle, Marketing Director at JGR.

"We started out making a few prototype pieces for motor development. Today, Stratasys supports many projects and several departments. Stratasys technology has sped up the development process, totally changing the way we go about manufacturing."

Recently, JGR expanded their additive manufacturing arsenal by adding the Objet500 Connex3 3D printer, part of Stratasys' design series, to their lineup. The PolyJet 3D printing technology allows JGR to 3D print color, multi-material parts that range from rigid to flexible, all within the same build - complementing the capabilities of the Fortus 400mc to create functional parts perfectly. The results are reduced costs, improved quality, improved design efficiency, increased profit, and a competitive advantage.

It is no wonder why it has become commonplace within the automotive industry, with endless applications ranging from product development to the creation of custom, one-off parts. According to Eric Bert, Vice President of sales in North America, Stratasys:
"The automotive industry has been quick to adopt cutting-edge additive manufacturing. As one of the premier racing teams on the NASCAR Nationwide Series circuit, JGR uses 3D printing for advanced applications including compressed engineering development cycles, critical component design optimization, jigs and fixture creation, and end use part production. We're very pleased to support the Joe Gibbs Racing team on their road to victory."

The results of Saturday’s 2 hour, 2 minute race: Sadler led the field in laps 54-60, finished 3rd highest in points (702), and finished 10th overall.

- Stratasys Blog

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