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Mar 29

Sheridan College FSAE Team Uses Additive Manufacturing

SIT_Racing2Sheridan College Motorsports Formula SAE entry is taking shape. The race car was recently on display at entrance of Sheridan's Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies (CAMDT)  Centre  during the recent  announcement of the $20 Million Business Innovation Access Program by the Hon. Greg Rickford, Minister of State (Science and Technology)  hosted by Sheridan.


The race car features an intake manifold and throttle body that was manufactured using a additive manufacturing process called FDM, by Stratasys. The manifold was manufactured on a Fortus 900mc 3D Production System. The Fortus 900mc is one of many additive manufacturing system in-house as CAMDT  is home to the most sophisticated 3D commercial printers and production systems of any Canadian university or college. Leveraging additive manufacturing, the team was able to manufacture the complex intake manifold quicker and more affordable than traditional manufacturing methods allowed.  The material used to build the intake was ULTEM 9085 . ULTEM 9085 is a Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) thermoplastic ideal for aerospace, automotive and military applications because of its FST(Flame,Smoke & Toxicity) rating, high strength-to-weight ratio and existing certifications. This high-performance FDM thermoplastic expands the use of additive manufacturing into applications that demand thermal and chemical resistance.


The team has come along way this past year. Based on their accomplishments its hard to believe they are  the "Rookies",  in this well established competition. Sheridan's  Formula SAE team, along with Conestoga, are he only College level entries . They are competing against teams with extensive track records and resources. I suspect that being the underdogs motivates them to demonstrate that they can compete. Based on my interactions with the team, I am optimistic that they will be very competitive in a very short time frame. Cimetrix looks forward to further supporting the team in any way we can.  Recently, the team was testing their launch control systems. After a few runs they were able to dial in the performance of the control system.  Stayed tuned as we will continue to post the progress of the team. As well you can visit their Face Book page and follow their progress. You can also see the team competing at events such as Formula North, in Barrie, ON.

[video width="600" height="400" mp4="http://3dprintingcanadablog.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/SR1a-Launching-Compilation.mp4"][/video]